In Search of a Better Country

Annotations — June 11, 2021

One of the Earliest (and Clearest) Summaries of Early Christian Beliefs

I have consistently discovered that, despite the tantalizing conspiracies offered up in forms like the Da Vinci Code, the history of the Christian faith provides a more boring (and consequently a more reliable) grounding for belief in Christ as Lord.

‘The Weight of Glory’ Turns 80

Besides the Bible, this is the one of the few books I think that should be required reading for all Christians. There are sentences in that lecture that still sing whenever I read them.

Hear Anything Lately About the Wrath of God? The Silence Is Deafening

Having just preached a message covering the story of Exodus 1–19, I feel a keen awareness regarding the interlocked biblical themes of judgment and deliverance. And it is generally true that, because of a pastor’s desire to comfort (and more often than not to be well liked among his flock) grace receives far more attention than wrath.

Bible Translation and the Incarnation

One of the reasons why my family has chosen to become involved in Bible translation. It is a beautiful picture of God’s gracious self-revelation and self-communication.


It took me a long time before I was willing to let my kids watch this show without me. It’s received well-deserved praise from all over the place It’s left me and my wife in tears on multiple occasions, from laughing as well as from its more tender moments.