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How many translations of the English Bible are there?

Well, it’s hard to know for sure, but Bible Gateway lists sixty-one different translations of the Bible in the English language.

Sixty-one! What a treasure we have!

Right now there are 2000 languages in the world without even one translation of the Bible, and at least 1.5 billion people who do not have a complete Bible in their own language.

We’re hoping to help change that.

Our family are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe exists to help bring the words of God to people from every language so that they might read, believe, and be forever changed.

We (though mainly me) are being trained as translation consultants. A translation consultant is trained in the original biblical languages (mostly Greek and Hebrew) and works with existing translation projects to ensure that the translation is faithful to the original text, while still being clear and understandable for the people who will be reading it. The exciting thing is that we get to serve new Christian communities all over the world that are working hard to bring the Bible to their people!

Team up with us!

This is a massive global effort, and even though our family is going, we can’t do it alone. We need God’s help, and we need the help of God’s people. Would you consider joining with us?

You can pray that God would guide us every step of the way, that we would not “lean on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). You can encourage us with verses, stories, or even just funny cat videos. You can advocate for us by telling others about Wycliffe and helping to create opportunities for us to share our journey. And finally, you can give, since Wycliffe is a faith mission where all our funding comes from supporters like you. Nothing is too small, no dollar, no word, no prayer. We rejoice in everything God provides!

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