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  • Probably by breakfast

    If you could lose your salvation, you would. — John MacArthur (via)

  • Jesus the True Pontifex

    Would you have your Savior to be one who is near to God, so that his meditation might be prevalent with him? And can you desire him to be nearer to God than Christ is, who is his only begotten Son, of the same essence with the Father? And would you not only have him…

  • The Shepherd is the Lamb

    Though Christ be now at the right-hand of God, exalted as King of heaven, and Lord of the universe; yet as he still is in the human nature, he still excels in humility. Though the man Christ Jesus be the highest of all creatures in heaven, yet he as much excels them all in humility…

  • Of Course He’s Not Safe

    Here is a strong foundation, and an inexhaustible treasure, to answer the necessities of your poor soul, and here is infinite grace and gentleness to invite and embolden a poor, unworthy, fearful soul to come to it. If Christ accepts of you, you need not fear but that you will be safe, for he is…

  • You’re Only in a Rut if it Sucks

    “…but the vast majority of your days — likely a day like today — will pass into obscurity…”