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  • The Surest Means to the Greatest End

    Someone asked me recently, after learning I was a Bible teacher, if I was a God-worshiper or a Bible-worshipper. The question didn’t come as a complete surprise. When you spend as much time as I do asking people to care about knowing their Bibles, someone is bound to ask if you have lost sight of…

  • How Patience Promotes Learning

    We love “aha” moments—those moments when something that has confused us suddenly makes sense. What we sometimes overlook about “aha moments” is that they occur after a significant period of feeling lost. Could it be that those periods of feeling lost were actually preparing us for the understanding that was eventually going to come? Could…

  • Joy Springs Forth

    We had crepe myrtles planted in our yard last November. They've been bare sticks in the ground throughout the past few months. Every day for a month I've gone outside to see if anything has changed on those branches. And then today, like a leafy whisper, buds finally emerged on the trees.