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A Reiki Master, A Muslim, and the World Belongs to the Lord

Three beautiful stories, all from Christianity Today:

A New Age Healer Discovers a Greater Healer

But I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the Reiki world. Every day I felt a greater burden of conviction to tell people that whatever healing they experienced during Reiki sessions was a gift from God, not me. He was the answer to all their questions, problems, and longings.

Yet saying this was forbidden. New Age philosophy treats this world as an illusion, a school for our spiritual mastery where many gods, spirits, and guides are honored. To speak of Jesus as one deity among many, equal in power and authority, is permitted. But to speak of him as the Way, the Truth, and the Life is out of the question.

Read her story.

A Former Muslim Describes the Olive Skin of the Gospel

As a Middle Easterner, every time I read Bible stories, a smile crawls across my face because its aphorisms sound so much like those my relatives use. I can almost smell the spices of dishes I came to love as a child. My heart warms at the examples of hospitality. After all, Jesus and his disciples were not sharing apple pies, french fries, or hot dogs as they ministered to those around them. The Bible’s Eastern tang is so pungent that one wonders how Christianity has come to be viewed as a Western, white religion.

Here the rest of his wonderful description.

A Global Pandemic Opens Doors for Worship Without Borders

See how this song, “The Blessing”, created 100 choirs around the world.